There is so much you can get from writing. Great things await, just pick up a pen and let the self healing begin!


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Why write?

you don’t have to be a professional, editor an English major to be a writer. Writing starts with an idea; it starts with a feeling that you can put on paper to store what you feel in that moment. Some of the best selling author never went to school to learn how to write. Some of the best selling authors have editors and advisors that help them write. why write? well, writing is therapeutic and a source of peace and happiness.

who knows, maybe your heartfelt writing or what your going through could be of use and guidance to another. You would be surprised of how many people can resonate with what you are feeling, even possibly going through an exact same situation.

Power of writing

  • Free you of your past
  • Keeps thoughts and feeling secured
  • Therapeautic
  • Can become a best-selling author
  • Can reach millions of people
  • help cope with current issues

These are just some of the benefits of writing. In all, take it one step at a time. Start with Journaling, you will begin to see the change. Gradually, having the ability to express yourself, takes some weight off your shoulder.

Get out of your head and Get a PEN!!!!

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Here are some links that talk more in depth on the therapeautic nature of writing:


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