this message is very important for everyone out there going through it. Besides all the chaos going on in the world that we are currently facing, I have an important message for the heart, mind and soul. This is also a message for myself, as I like to remind myself before reminding/helping others. The message that I want to relate is to never stop working. Never stop. whatever it is you are working on, building and have been doing so for days, weeks , months and even years. Continue to do so no matter how long it takes. Nothing in this life comes easy, no one becomes rich over night. There will undoubtedly be trial and error.

I had to come to a realization, that after many fails, attempts and setbacks that I must continue and move forward. My business is a bit rocky at the moment. But I refuse to give up on it and myself. The support and exposure I thought I would receive in the beginning are not what I expected. It has humbled me and made me understand the importance of strive. With continuance and perseverance you will see what you have earnestly worked for. so to anyone right now who is stagnant in there business or don’t seem to be making the progress you wanted. Be mindful that you are a work in progress. Good things take time. Sometimes a very long time.

If you want it go after it! If something is heavy on your heart and mind do not leave it to sit there. Than it becomes burden on you. Do not let anyone deter you from your dreams and goals. It might seem impossible in the eyes of other people, or it just may be that there is jealousy that they could not even come to think of a master plan such as yours. It’s best not to tell anyone your goals and dreams anyways. Keep it between you and God and those you know you can trust unconditionally. Working is something that must continuously happen , evolution must happen you are a work in progress. Do not ever give up.


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