Uber eats has to be by far the most addictive thing I have come across. I just love the feeling of my food being brought to me and not having to interact or tell people in the restaurant want I want. I don’t have to deal with attitudes, unwanted looks etc. Uber eats is like a Gold mind for introverts. But it has become crippling and I am doing away with it for a while. Setting the goal for rest of 2023 no more uber eats. I am starting to not want to cook for myself anymore. Having food at the touch of a screen has become a dangerous thing for me.

a delivery man riding a bike
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What I love most about uber eats is the variety. There are hundreds of food locations to choose from on the app, that makes it even worse. The money I am wasting on Uber eats is enough in itself to leave it alone for a while. The fees, the mileage, tips etc. The price of food is like 2 times more what it would be if you went in the restaurant, That’s another big downside. another reason for me to go on a break from uber eats is me about to embark on a fast. I need to cleanse my system because uber eats is cleansing my pockets.

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I will pray for the day I can blog about how I left uber eats alone for the year. So far the only addiction I have is uber eats. I am going on a journey it will be for the best. I need to start making my own home cooked meals. 21st century is really that guy, technology, all these apps that are taking over our natural lives. I am defeating it all. Time to give it a break. I know I can do this. Anyone out there struggling with uber eats or door dash addiction I am with you and we will get through this.


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