Time to use the brain. Time to be of use. Twerking is dead. Foolishness is dead. Self exploitation is dead. No need to shake or drop it low. No one needs to know how far you can go. Time to read and get educated, time to feminize, prioritize and revive our hearts and minds. there is more to the body than being seen, there is more to showing the goods, and getting male eyes. What man wants the world to see his prize? or even give another man the slightest glimpse of his delicacy, that is a different level of intimacy.

There is a new fad, and its called getting closer to God, becoming aware and knowledgeable of self. There is a new beauty and its what’s on the inside, the heart and soul. The real beauty never fades even with the appearance of wrinkles and grays, true beauty shines from within. Twerking has dehumanized and left women in a daze. Thinking that shaking is bound to keep a man or make him stay. Don’t be confused these men ain’t fools, only men who care for you will make you put the goods away.

“Twerk this and shake that” all on the radio. show this, steal her man abusing a women’s ego. When will we see, self-respect is the key. stay aware and keen, Twerking is dead, if you know what I mean.


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