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Peace and blessings to my lovely followers, viewers and subscribers. Firstly, I would like to start off by thanking all of you for taking the time to view my articles and such. I have two self-published books of poetry (published in 2019) and I would love for you all to check them out and make a purchase. You can get the E-book version or you can get a paperback version.

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uber eats

Uber eats has to be by far the most addictive thing I have come across. I just love the feeling of my food being brought to me and not having to interact or tell people in the restaurant want I want. I don’t have to deal with attitudes, unwanted looks etc. Uber eats is like a Gold mind for introverts. But it has become crippling and I am doing away with it for a while. Setting the goal for rest of 2023 no more uber eats. I am starting to not want to cook for myself anymore. Having food at the touch of a screen has become a dangerous thing for me.

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What I love most about uber eats is the variety. There are hundreds of food locations to choose from on the app, that makes it even worse. The money I am wasting on Uber eats is enough in itself to leave it alone for a while. The fees, the mileage, tips etc. The price of food is like 2 times more what it would be if you went in the restaurant, That’s another big downside. another reason for me to go on a break from uber eats is me about to embark on a fast. I need to cleanse my system because uber eats is cleansing my pockets.

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I will pray for the day I can blog about how I left uber eats alone for the year. So far the only addiction I have is uber eats. I am going on a journey it will be for the best. I need to start making my own home cooked meals. 21st century is really that guy, technology, all these apps that are taking over our natural lives. I am defeating it all. Time to give it a break. I know I can do this. Anyone out there struggling with uber eats or door dash addiction I am with you and we will get through this.

Conquering fears

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Life is a journey. There are so many things in this life that can cause trauma, grief, anxiety, depression and other mental-health problems. There are things which can cause fear and not wanting to face and overcome things that bring us down. The only way to tackle and eliminate fear is to conquer them. I believe to truly conquer all fears one must Know God and know his power and that only through him can all things be solved.

Check out my self-published book entitled ” Conquering fears” It is a book of poetry compiled with words of hope, perseverance and persistence. The Goal being that each reader can have an experience of self revival and to continue there Journey with conquering all their fears.

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spoken word

Spoken word poetry entitled “this Hijab”.

Showcasing my skills with rhymes and poetry about a passionate subject “hijab.”

I wear it happily for the sake of my lord and him alone. I love to stand out and be different. There is nothing else I would rather do than be me and seek the approval of God alone. Check out my spoken word and follow me on TikTok for more poetry and freestyles!!


spoken word….”This hijab”

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Spoken word poetry “This Hijab”



Rise up

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There is nothing you can’t achieve. You have limited yourself. You have held yourself back for so long. There is no way ,other than to the top. Whatever it is you want. Pray and have faith. No true good things come easy. Work and perseverance is key to all things in this life. Rise up against the odds. Rise up against yourself and negative thoughts. YOU ARE CAPABLE! once your realize it is all in your thoughts and what you feed your mind you will undoubtedly see just how much potential you have.

Life gives us test and lessons to build us up and make us stronger. The trials are not necessarily there to tear us apart, but to give us hope that one day things will undoubtedly get better. Personally, there have been days I wanted to give up on everything, including myself. There have been days where it seems there was no way out of the confusion. But, I had Just a little hope and that little bit of hope has brought me to a place I never thought I would be. Mental clarity and peace within myself. I am still on my journey as long as God gives me life I will forever be on the journey to excellence. I have risen up! It is time you do the same.

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Heal Beautify and conquer

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Prioritize yourself. You are all you truly have. Stop the comparison. there is only one you.

Love yourself and the way God created you. So many things distract us from true beauty. Social media has become a dangerous place to be.

trying to be every celebrity, but even they don’t want to be themselves. Be gracious and grateful. Most importantly be patient with yourself. Nobody knows your strive, battle and what you had to overcome. Keep yourself a priority, there will never be another you. Cherish the very thought.


when a woman knows her worth there is nothing that can stop her from achieving. She knows success is already hers. She knows that God fashioned her in the best of forms. She is persistent and devoted to being the best she can be in this short-term life. She knows the hereafter is her eternal abode and she wants nothing but the approval of her lord and a place in paradise.

Three years ago, I self-published “she knows her worth” as a gift of positivity to women of all nations, races and religions. As an African American Muslim woman, I Know greatly what is feels like to be left out of the “cool crowd” or what society deems as cool. I know what it’s like to be treated like an outcast. But faith and trust in my lord has brought me this far and will continue to bring me to the top. My message is for woman to value themselves, to realize that they are more than just their bodies. A woman is God’s gift to this earth. Know your worth!

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Thank you for the continued support. It never goes unnoticed!! Not in my eyes and especially not in Gods eyes.