I am not your muse

you cannot create what you choose, control my narrative or well being. I don’t need alterations, highlights or details. I am that unique individual and special kind of girl. what you see is what you get. Remember God is not finished yet! I am powerful but kind, sweet but a mastermind. Ahead of my time but I don’t carry pride. There is no room in my being for me to persuade or change your views of me. I am not your muse, can’t you see?

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We all need a break

Remember you are human. You are bound to fall, make mistakes, win and loose. undoubtedly you must keep it going. But you must remember You need a break! we all do. Mental breakdowns are real and they are typically dueto not giving your heart, mind and body a break. Things you need to give yourself a break from:

  1. Drama/ negativity
  2. social media
  3. people
  4. society

There are countless more, but i feel these are the top four things that constantly cause a lot of stress. Drama/negativity is something you must avoid. Gossip, idle talk, unknowingly criticizing , what you consume physically and mentally all have a play on the drama and negativity in your life. You have to want Positivity, peace and bliss to get it. You attract what you think and say. Give yourself a break! Read a good book, spend time in the library, Journal, meditate and ultimately PRAY!

Social media has to be one of the most draining things of the 21st century. It has cause countless problems for people in there public as well private lives. Give yourself a pure break from it! A lot of the things you see on social media are not real. A big problem a lot of individuals have is compare there life or success to other people they see on social media. Factually, you don’t know what these people had to go through behind the scenes to get ton the point they are today. They could be selling a dream making it seem far easier than what they had to go through. Or comparing your relationship or love life to what you see on social media. People are not going to show you the bad times, the fights, the tears and heartbreaks of the relationship. Everything seems like a fairytale. DO NOT compare your life to what you see online!!

There is no way with avoiding People all together. But, you can give yourself a well needed break and just give yourself time to self-reflect and think. I think everyone should do that atleast once a month. just give yourself a week away from the world and people and meditate and focus on the things you want in life. Surround yourself with people who help you grow and become better, not people who will lead you to destruction.

Can we really give ourselves a break from society? In a way yes! By going with the first three steps that is a way to get away from all the Hussle and bustle of society. Also I would suggest going to view places that have a lot of nature and not so much mainstream things, like the mountains or even the rural parts of the country.

In all, we ultimately need to give ourselves a break, this life is bound to keep going whether we like it or not. We can’t control time, the past or the future! But, you can ultimately focus on the now and work on healing yourself mentally and physically. The only way we can truly do that is by giving ourselves a break from the distractions and being more aware and in the present, and ultimately building a connection with the one that gave us life the creator!

going forward

Never give up the fight. Never say no to life. Things and people change, everything temporary nothing stays the same. There is death and life and we undoubtedly will experience both. No need to look back at yesterday, look forward and stay hopeful and God will make a way. Always go forward.

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Heal Beautify and conquer

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Prioritize yourself. You are all you truly have. Stop the comparison. there is only one you.

Love yourself and the way God created you. So many things distract us from true beauty. Social media has become a dangerous place to be.

trying to be every celebrity, but even they don’t want to be themselves. Be gracious and grateful. Most importantly be patient with yourself. Nobody knows your strive, battle and what you had to overcome. Keep yourself a priority, there will never be another you. Cherish the very thought.

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It is time to give it to God. Time to stop worrying about what’s coming. God’s plan is infinite and most appropriate. Time to live in the moment. We have but so much, yet God has everything and beyond our minds could comprehend. It is time, most definitely time to be aware, alert and focus; the devil is plotting a strenuous plot. The world has become a ball of confusion, too many souls distracted by illusion. Before you give in, before you give up hope and life seem as though it will never tire of giving hardships, remember that nothing is forever in this life. Be mindful of time. Be mindful of God he has full control.

God will make a way

never underestimate the power of prayer and faith.

There is always a way out of every difficulty. God never leaves a soul with more than it can bear. when the road seems closed and there seems like no rational way to see the light at the end; that is when you need to stay centered and focus, because God’s mercy is just around the corner. God will make a way. He has made countless ways for every soul. Nothing is forever. the very life we are living has an expiration date. therefore, no pain or suffering you are experiencing will last forever.

God is making a way for you!!!