Loving me

It is plain in sight to see, I will always be loving me. On the hard days, easy days and those in between. I will always be loving me. You can insult, taunt or try to tear me down, But I know who I am, Love is my crown. Loving me for eternity, I could care less who is against me, God is always for me. Loving me internally, externally and every way I possibly can. Do not doubt your potential , your light or your exquisite Prescence on this earth. I am a women and know my worth. Love me or simply let me be. Confidence is key. There is no stopping me. All because I Love me.

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you are loved

As cold as the world seems, Like there is not a single soul who cares. Remember to guard your mind don’t let the devil ever take you there. Cause what you know is limited, your a human, flesh and bones. It is God who owns every single thing from our heart to our soul. Let it all go; the doubts, discouragements, fake friends and people who play fair. Let it be known there is A God that cares. What has been said or what may seem, has very little to do with the facts. God Loves you! Just remember that.

You are racing for love , care and understanding from individuals who are limited. You are seeking attention and validation from people who cannot even remember to value and love themselves. You are loved by God! you exist in this realm and space, your face Brings a beam of light to this earth, yes! You are Loved!

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Twerking is dead

Time to use the brain. Time to be of use. Twerking is dead. Foolishness is dead. Self exploitation is dead. No need to shake or drop it low. No one needs to know how far you can go. Time to read and get educated, time to feminize, prioritize and revive our hearts and minds. there is more to the body than being seen, there is more to showing the goods, and getting male eyes. What man wants the world to see his prize? or even give another man the slightest glimpse of his delicacy, that is a different level of intimacy.

There is a new fad, and its called getting closer to God, becoming aware and knowledgeable of self. There is a new beauty and its what’s on the inside, the heart and soul. The real beauty never fades even with the appearance of wrinkles and grays, true beauty shines from within. Twerking has dehumanized and left women in a daze. Thinking that shaking is bound to keep a man or make him stay. Don’t be confused these men ain’t fools, only men who care for you will make you put the goods away.

“Twerk this and shake that” all on the radio. show this, steal her man abusing a women’s ego. When will we see, self-respect is the key. stay aware and keen, Twerking is dead, if you know what I mean.


Life is a constant battle. A battle between good and bad. A battle of the mind and heart. A battle of the physical and unseen. There is no soul living or has lived that is not facing a battle. The greatest battle, is the battle of self. The battle to go forward and be all that you were created to be or to remain stuck where you are.

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The most important thing when it comes to self and overcoming and defeating daily battles is to have firm belief. Belief that God is in control, he will make a way out, and having hope. When it is all said and done, the only thing that will matter is what you did to accomplish the test and defeats. There is power in belief and trust and it must never be underestimated.

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The mindset plays a huge part when it comes to the self battle. Your mind has to remain in a positive state no matter what. Have good opinions of God and yourself. When you get your mindset in order, everything else follows. Your mind is the foundation of success. Having A God conscious, clean , positive and focused mind will keep you at the top always. Keep your mind in check always. The greatest battle is indeed the mind.

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In all, Love God first above all. He is the only one who can help and see you through every obstacle you will face in life. The battles never end! The battles make you into the warrior you were created to be. success is only given to those who work. Be kind to yourself and love yourself unconditionally.


Prioritize yourself. You are all you truly have. Stop the comparison. there is only one you.

Love yourself and the way God created you. So many things distract us from true beauty. Social media has become a dangerous place to be.

trying to be every celebrity, but even they don’t want to be themselves. Be gracious and grateful. Most importantly be patient with yourself. Nobody knows your strive, battle and what you had to overcome. Keep yourself a priority, there will never be another you. Cherish the very thought.

you are loved

You are loved.

you are worthy.

nothing less of a human.

be mindful of your gift.

The gift of life, so temporary.

gratitude is plenty.

you are loved, despite what it may seem.

Never question God’s mercy.

He loves you more than a mother to her child.

look deep within and take a moment, now breathe.

you were chosen life. So live now. Live and succeed.

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give yourself love

give yourself love. you are worthy and deserving. spoil yourself, look at yourself and the mirror and get lost in your beauty. why do people mistake mistake self-love for being vain? Understand that loving yourself is a necessity, because if you don’t than who exactly will? Some people can mistake self -love for being self-centered or vain. because a person has a million post or pics about themselves or likes to look good or flashy, does not necessarily mean they are vain or want attention. They just understand that they are special and choose to love themselves as they should. Do not let anyone ever deprive you of loving you or make you feel less than what God created you to be. everyone is a star in there own way. some just choose an know how to shine that miraculous light God has given them.

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live with love

There are so many tragedies going on in the world at this time. One of the most things to have at this time is Gratitude ,as well patience and faith. gratitude is so important, you have to be thankful for what you have, be thankful that you are alive. Everyday there are reports of people dying, loosing their homes, being oppressed at war etc. needless to say, if you are breathing, have a roof over your head and food to put in your mouth their is no reason to complain. When i see homeless people smile and have positive to say, when they have absolutely nothing, i know i have a long way to go as far as gratitude.

Patience is necessary to get through in this life. God is ultimately in control, you have to put that faith and trust in him and know that he knows what he is doing. without patience you become depressed, stressed and full of anxiety. patience is a true sign of strength and a person who has undoubted faith in God. The year of 2020 has taught me nothing but patience and reliance upon the most high. I am content that whatever is meant to be will eventually be.This year has brought about test that affect everyone and it should make us all stronger, wiser and closer to God. I am Thankful for the trials for in them are true blessings.

Ultimately, we must live with love, gratitude and patience. Life is about perseverance and faith. We have no control over anything. We don’t know when our last breathe will be, so there is no point in stressing on unknown things.Learn to love yourself and be kind to others. This year is a lesson that we will all remember, a blessing and a trial. Forgive and let go of the anger. Once you give it all to God you will feel renewed and at peace.


Someone needs to hear these powerful words today. You are loved! There is so much going on in the world right now as of 2020, but you must keep in mind that there will be dark days before there are days of joy. Stop putting yourself down, doubting and succumbing to those negative thoughts. Life is hard and all of us will experience hardship, those who make it are the ones who are hopeful and trust in God. Don’t ever for a second think that you are not important or you are not good enough. If that was the case you would have never been created. God loves you, and there are people in the world who love you. The answers are within your soul. Find who you are and fall in love with the person God created you to be, because God did not make any mistakes when he made you.

I am still learning to love myself . The journey will be long, but I have faith that one day i feel i will love myself unconditionally. I practice everyday b y waking up praying and thanking god for giving me another day. I look in the mirror and smile and say things to uplift myself and set my mind up for success. Part of the process of loving yourself is instilling those positive thoughts. In all, take your time and find your peace. Talk to God and pray for guidance. Pray for your heart to be opened to love yourself unconditionally.

Poem: “Just a little love”

just a little love is all it takes.

just a little love to ease the pain and mend the heart.

all you need is a little love to know your worth.

so learn to love.

learn to smile.

learn to hope even when it seems impossible.

all you need is a little love. Just a little love to get by.

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She knows her worth

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