Find peace

There is nothing wrong with being alone. sometime solitude is better than bad company and being around fake and self-entitled people. There is nothing wrong with regaining and finding yourself again. This world is a scary place. and it is only getting more challenging. Find peace. Sit, contemplate, and pray. God is real and it is evident that he has control over all things, the simple fact being we don’t know when our next breath will take place; we don’t know if we will live to see another day.

It is your right to have peace. Demand it in your life! One of the most priceless and important things to survive in this life is to have internal peace. The world could be at war, chaos, confusion etc. But, as long as you have faith that the lord will protect and provide for you, and you have unbreakable peace and contentment within; you will not only make it through, but you will make it out on top.

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Trust no one

In this life of mine. I trust only the divine. I trust only the lord who gave me life. There is no better way, than to trust the one who controls the night and day. The pain has left my heart and soul, I no longer yearn anyone or need a helping hand. It is God who gives the ultimate command. Yes I talk endlessly about the lord. He is the only one to be adored. Trust Him and Him alone. Feel the weight flee your soul.


up and away go my problems. I stay in the lords care. My mind has found its way to the clouds where I don’t have a care. I stay Up, I stay high, I stay blessed no surprise. My heart has the beat of truth and the tune of serenity I thank God for always being with me. No going back , I must stay Up cause I’m to blessed to go back now.

Stay Up, cause some have not been given the chance to wakeup. these are the small things, these are the truths, these are the words that cause a stir of evolution and joy. Stay up above the lies, the devil has used many as a disguise. Striving for the prize. Stay up and alive!

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Time is slipping

Ramadan day 15. It felt like it just came yesterday. I am so not ready for it to be over. I love the fast, the ambition, focus and dedication it has given me to myself, my lord and Religion. 15 days ago I was not in the mental state I am in now, I feel so at peace and clear of all negative energy. I am eager for the next 15 days and want to indulge in every second and minute of it without any distractions. The mercy of this month is so beautiful, I can physically feel it in every aspect. Ramadan always comes at the right time. I am truly thankful to be experiencing this Ramadan of 2022. God is truly great and merciful.

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those who believe and whose hearts find comfort in the remembrance of Allah. Surely in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find comfort. Sura 13 Ayat 28 of the Holy Quran



The beauty of Ramadan , will never bee understood.

The serenity within this month, is more freeing than childhood.

Glory to the most high for better and bright days.

Ramadan has cleared my mind and washed my problems away.

Focused on God, his book and truth.

Ramadan is here.

Ramadan is here.

Ramadan is undoubtedly here.

The devil has fleed.

my soul is freed. From any person or worldly thing.

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