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Thank you to my followers for the continued support. Never does it go unnoticed. I have art for sale. will ship to anywhere in the United States. Please email/contact for any questions or concerns.

24 X 36 inches

30 x 24 inches

30 x 24 inches

24x 36 inches

” Never stop pursuing what you believe in, God will make a way for the one that strives.”


Peace and blessings to all my beautiful followers. I would like to take the time to invite you all to take a look at my store at :www.thegiftedartistorg. I have official launched my business and so excited to share with you all. My business “The Gifted Empire LLC ” will cater to Art , beauty and Apparel I also offer other services such as Henna for all events, face painting and spoken word (contact for booking). My site is just up and running so stay tune for new items and releases coming soon. Take a look, shop, support and spread the word.