you are loved

As cold as the world seems, Like there is not a single soul who cares. Remember to guard your mind don’t let the devil ever take you there. Cause what you know is limited, your a human, flesh and bones. It is God who owns every single thing from our heart to our soul. Let it all go; the doubts, discouragements, fake friends and people who play fair. Let it be known there is A God that cares. What has been said or what may seem, has very little to do with the facts. God Loves you! Just remember that.

You are racing for love , care and understanding from individuals who are limited. You are seeking attention and validation from people who cannot even remember to value and love themselves. You are loved by God! you exist in this realm and space, your face Brings a beam of light to this earth, yes! You are Loved!

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Detailed jagua tattoo
Detailed jagua tattoo
Jagua Gel stain after 12 hours


As a small business owner, it can get pretty ugly sometimes. Not enough traffic, clientele, just a slow season (getting little to no customers). But despite all those things, it is important to have faith. It is important to not doubt and keep pushing forward. Every business has a bad point, it just gives you time to learn, grow and develop new strategies to be on top.

One book that I have been reading that has helped me a lot to change my mindset was ” Think and grow Rich.” It really helps to broaden your mindset and set goals daily to becoming the Person/Businessowner you want to be. Our mind is a powerful tool and when it is not used correctly it can literally destroy you. Even in dark instances I am able to pull myself out, because of faith and my mindset.

The struggle only makes you a better and strong individual. Set goals daily and always find new ways to improve yourself. Your business will only get out what you put in. Be mindful, faithful and work every day!!

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