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Thank you to my followers for the continued support. Never does it go unnoticed. I have art for sale. will ship to anywhere in the United States. Please email/contact for any questions or concerns.

24 X 36 inches

30 x 24 inches

30 x 24 inches

24x 36 inches

” Never stop pursuing what you believe in, God will make a way for the one that strives.”


Art is what i love and i think it loves me as Well. This piece is inspired by all the things that are going on in this country( united states ). I will represent, i must represent because this is my future. The future of my family and the future of my people. With all things that are going on I will remain at serenity. I have God and my art. The piece below is a 16×18 inches on canvas with acrylic aint.

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