Friday chilling/vibing whatever you want to call it. I miss going to jummah. But since this pandemic jummah has been pretty much closed. Jummah is a religious day on friday that muslims go to mosque to pray, listen to a lecture and be amongst Other muslims. It is like sunday for christians who go toContinue reading “Friday”


give yourself love look in the mirror blow a kiss dance in the rain dance in the house shine continuously erase the doubt confide in the lord pray hope faith and action build self-esteem find a friends who really care love even when hate occurs stay positive and most importantly stay focused!

Beauty in the sky

The sky was such a delight to see on this day. I 1Was with my grandmother and she mentioned ” look at the sky,” only God can do something beautiful like that.” I agree things like this and so many other extraordinary things make you undoubtedly believe there is a God and only he isContinue reading “Beauty in the sky”

give yourself love

give yourself love. you are worthy and deserving. spoil yourself, look at yourself and the mirror and get lost in your beauty. why do people mistake mistake self-love for being vain? Understand that loving yourself is a necessity, because if you don’t than who exactly will? Some people can mistake self -love for being self-centeredContinue reading “give yourself love”

poetry for the soul

note-i do not own rights to this picture. just keep moving just keep moving. move right along. God will make a way and put your doubt to shame. just keep moving it’s part of life’s game. Don’t look back, tomorrow is forever gone. just keep moving, move right along.There is joy coming and that joyContinue reading “poetry for the soul”