My journey to having a healthier lifestyle

There first key to happiness is believing and having a connection with the almighty. The next key to happiness is having good health. In order to have good health you have to eat right. Around the time of Ramadan ( April 26) something in me awakened, I wanted to change my lifestyle completely. I have been feeling completely elated since i changed the way i eat. From fried foods, fast food, snack and pizza i would constantly feel fatigued , lazy and even unmotivated at times. on top of all that i gained alot of weight.

My thoughts became scattered and anxiety heightened. With fasting 30 days in Ramadan i felt the clarity, not eating for the whole day gave me a new feeling. Like i was not being weighed down. My mind was able to focus. Food is medicine it can either help you or hurt you. Since April 2020, i have been on a lifestyle change it is almost July 2020! I have eliminated meats, sugar, dairy , processed foods and eating out completely. I would not say i am a vegan, or even a vegetarian but, i have been incorporating alot of Alkaline foods into my diet and consuming no other drinks besides water, herbal teas and tonics. I will have a piece of salmon or fish maybe 3 times out the month. I also only eat one meal a day. I have a fruit or vegetable smoothie in the morning for breakfast and eat one meal around mid afternoon to keep me for the day. what has helped me alot through this journey is prayer and you-tube. There is so many amazing recipes and tips on you-tube on healthy meals for plant- based, vegan and vegetarians. I use think eating healthy was boring and i don’t really like salads. You-tube has opened me to the world of fried oyster mushrooms which taste better than fried chicken, vegan pizza with homemade non-dairy almond cheese, plant-based burgers and so much more. Eating healthy is not so boring after all. InshAllah ( God-willing) i will be starting a juice cleanse starting July 1, 2020 until July 7 2020. This is going to really strengthen and cleanse my body. During this week I will only be consuming liquids and smoothies.

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