when it comes to eating a plant based diet, people automatically assume that you cannot just solely rely on plants for protein. It is always ” you need some type of meat to get your protein. There are a variety of plant-based protein foods to choose from. Not only are they healthy, but they are easy on the pockets. Below are a few food items to add to your shop list:

Green peas

Plant-based protein foods
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1 cup of green peas has 8Grams of protein, and also a great source of fiber. you can put them in your favorite salad, pant-based pasta or just as a regular side for dinner.


plant-based protein foods
Plant-based protein foods

1 cup of avocado has 4.6 Gram of protein. Not only is that an excellent source of protein, Avocados are extremely delicious and go great with literally any and everything. Avocados are also great source of potassium and fiber. pair some avocados on a whole grain toast, use as a side of guacamole, add to your favorite smoothie for a rich texture and so much more!


plants-based meals
Plant based meals using mushrooms

1 cup of mushrooms has 4 Grams of protein. Mushroom has a natural meaty flavor and is a great substitute for steak and chicken. Oyster mushrooms in particular have the best flavor, in terms of “meat flavor” and somewhat texture. You can fry mushrooms, bake them, and put them in a salad. There is so much to do with great source of protein.


bowl of spinach
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1 cup of spinach has 6 grams of protein, Last on the list, we have the infamous spinach. Not only does spinach have a high source of protein, it also provides Vitamins such as a, k and c. listen, spinach is that type of vegetable that goes good with everything. It is a natural burst of flavor and is overall just excellent for your immune system.

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