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About The Author

Saudah Muhammad has been writing poetry since the age of 13. Her biggest writing inspiration is the late Maya Angelou. Saudah is creative by nature ; a henna artist and artist. Art is what keeps her motivated. The ability to bring creativity to life through words, painting, drawing etc. Overall writing is Saudah’s realm of escape. She covers various topics and is not afraid to express herself.

” She knows her worth” Synopsis

when a woman knows her worth she is able to uplift a nation. This book includes various poems that speak on the essence, beauty, of a woman. It is dire for a woman to build a connection with her creator and stand firm in faith. A woman is the glue of family and society. The woman is adored by the creator and should honor herself. Dignity is a strong woman’s state of mind. When a woman knows her worth she carries herself different, thinks different and speaks different. “She knows her worth” has a message that is worth reading.

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“Conquering fears” Synopsis

Has it ever dawned on you the power of your existence? That you, yes you, were specially created. There is not another soul that crosses this earth like you. You are not a duplicate or will ever be, that very sentiment in itself is as powerful as can be. But why have you no recognition of who you are, the rareness you bring to the world, or the greatness you hold? Fear of life, fear of self, fear of the unknown and fear of other-Has blinded you from your own light. You and I are to blame, for we are our greatest setbacks. Why fear anything other than the creator? The giver of life, the one truly in control. Why fear things that are ultimately doomed to an ending? “Conquering fears” has a message for every reader and that message is to overcome fear and doubt and trust in the creator.

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