The Gifted Artist

I was blessed with a gift and will use this gift God has given me. This website offers an insight to my Art, books, custom jewelry ,clothing, and henna art. To be booked for events, henna appointments, speaking engagements etc please contact through the form. please be sure to subscribe for new releases and updates! Thank you all for your support .

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Top notch Henna artist

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The gifted artist is has two books available for sale. click on the tab “my books” for preview and purchase.

Canvas paintings, custom made jewelry and T-shirts

The gifted artist has beautiful canvas paintings for sale. custom made T-shirts earrings and jewelry coming soon!

Use the talent god has given you and you shall thrive!

Saudah Muhammad


Author, henna-artist, painter designer and servant of all mighty GOD. she goes by “The Gifted Artist” because she truly is gifted at her craft.

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