I am learning love. What it truly means all of its essence and greatness. Love is powerful, love is truth, love is exhilarating. I have learned that loving yourself is the inception of all. Learning to love self and be accepting of who you are and how God created you is important. If you are not willing to acknowledge this, how can you go forward loving anything or someone else. Undeniably, Loving God comes first and than loving who we are follows. Everything is so different when we learn this kind of love. Nothing can tear us down, because you know who you are and the God that you serve. Loving yourself is not something that happens overnight, but rather could take a whole lifetime. All that matters is the initiative and the willingness to learn how to love oneself. It all starts with baby steps and appreciating life, understanding your value and that your existence on earth is not in vain. You have a purpose, I have a purpose we all have a purpose.

so, the next time something or someone tries to tear you down or make you feel worthless remember that You are loved by God and that you are significant beyond measure and that you have a purpose.

love yourself


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