There is nothing wrong with being alone. sometime solitude is better than bad company and being around fake and self-entitled people. There is nothing wrong with regaining and finding yourself again. This world is a scary place. and it is only getting more challenging. Find peace. Sit, contemplate, and pray. God is real and it is evident that he has control over all things, the simple fact being we don’t know when our next breath will take place; we don’t know if we will live to see another day.

It is your right to have peace. Demand it in your life! One of the most priceless and important things to survive in this life is to have internal peace. The world could be at war, chaos, confusion etc. But, as long as you have faith that the lord will protect and provide for you, and you have unbreakable peace and contentment within; you will not only make it through, but you will make it out on top.

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