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Peace and blessings to my lovely followers, viewers and subscribers. Firstly, I would like to start off by thanking all of you for taking the time to view my articles and such. I have two self-published books of poetry (published in 2019) and I would love for you all to check them out and make a purchase. You can get the E-book version or you can get a paperback version.

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Find peace

There is nothing wrong with being alone. sometime solitude is better than bad company and being around fake and self-entitled people. There is nothing wrong with regaining and finding yourself again. This world is a scary place. and it is only getting more challenging. Find peace. Sit, contemplate, and pray. God is real and it is evident that he has control over all things, the simple fact being we don’t know when our next breath will take place; we don’t know if we will live to see another day.

It is your right to have peace. Demand it in your life! One of the most priceless and important things to survive in this life is to have internal peace. The world could be at war, chaos, confusion etc. But, as long as you have faith that the lord will protect and provide for you, and you have unbreakable peace and contentment within; you will not only make it through, but you will make it out on top.

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keep the faith

there will be those days. Days of confusion, doubt and fear. There will be days where life seems meaningless. There will be chaos thrown at every corner you turn. Keep the faith! It is never too late to give it to the lord. He already has it. You must just come to terms with it. Keep persisting, Keep giving life your all. Most importantly, Keep the faith!

Trust no one

In this life of mine. I trust only the divine. I trust only the lord who gave me life. There is no better way, than to trust the one who controls the night and day. The pain has left my heart and soul, I no longer yearn anyone or need a helping hand. It is God who gives the ultimate command. Yes I talk endlessly about the lord. He is the only one to be adored. Trust Him and Him alone. Feel the weight flee your soul.

Loving me

It is plain in sight to see, I will always be loving me. On the hard days, easy days and those in between. I will always be loving me. You can insult, taunt or try to tear me down, But I know who I am, Love is my crown. Loving me for eternity, I could care less who is against me, God is always for me. Loving me internally, externally and every way I possibly can. Do not doubt your potential , your light or your exquisite Prescence on this earth. I am a women and know my worth. Love me or simply let me be. Confidence is key. There is no stopping me. All because I Love me.

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Tips to help with mental-health

Part 1:

I am in no way shape or form a specialist, psychologist, mental-health doctor etc. If you have severe or chronic depression, anxiety etc. consult a specialist. But I do know the seriousness of mental-health and how most take it lightly. Some tips that I have used and currently using to work on my mental health are the following:

  1. Belief in God : I believe the number one solution to mental-health and having a healthy and sound mind is being aware that God is real, present and is the creator of heavens and earth. All power and might belong to him and him solely. Having this belief and certainty will carry you through a lot of problems in life. You become cognizant that God is really the only one who knows and understands you. So you must trust him. After all, he created you. It is only common sense to believe and have faith in your creator.
  2. Prayer: prayer works in ways that cannot be explained. Prayer is that connection with God, the communication and source you need to thrive and stay positive. With prayer you are able to release and be present. With prayer it increases hope and faith. Prayers keeps your mind and soul occupied against negative, self-destructive thoughts and thinking. Prayers give your protection. Prayer is so very important when it comes to mental-health.
  3. Work: There is a saying “ an idle mind is the devils playground.” You must stay busy, keep yourself active and work towards a goal. Especially if you are dealing with mental health issues. Sitting around and just thinking and staying in your mind is the absolute worse thing you can do. That gives a way for the devil to entertain you with doubts, confusion and keep you in past mistakes and conflicts. whether it is starting a business, school, career, helping in the community etc. always do something to keep you focused and in the moment. There is so much work to be done!
  4. Good company: you become like the people you hang around. It is important to be around people who care about your well being, and help you become a better person. You want the right energy and vibrations to rub off on you, not the opposite. The people you hang around are like a mirror/reflection of yourself. Your mindset is very sacred, as well as your mental well-being, Surrounding yourself with the right people is necessary for a good and healthy lifestyle.



When the road seems never ending. When things don’t go the way as planned. That is when you must keep going. Life has its way of bringing the equilibrium you thought was never there. Bittersweet. The bitterness allows you to enjoy the sweetness that is bound to come. When the tears continue to pour and the pain gets to a breaking point, you must continue, the reward is greater. Look at your state, how far you have come, what you have overcome is that not a victory? It is nothing but the lords Love and mercy.

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you are loved

As cold as the world seems, Like there is not a single soul who cares. Remember to guard your mind don’t let the devil ever take you there. Cause what you know is limited, your a human, flesh and bones. It is God who owns every single thing from our heart to our soul. Let it all go; the doubts, discouragements, fake friends and people who play fair. Let it be known there is A God that cares. What has been said or what may seem, has very little to do with the facts. God Loves you! Just remember that.

You are racing for love , care and understanding from individuals who are limited. You are seeking attention and validation from people who cannot even remember to value and love themselves. You are loved by God! you exist in this realm and space, your face Brings a beam of light to this earth, yes! You are Loved!

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Twerking is dead

Time to use the brain. Time to be of use. Twerking is dead. Foolishness is dead. Self exploitation is dead. No need to shake or drop it low. No one needs to know how far you can go. Time to read and get educated, time to feminize, prioritize and revive our hearts and minds. there is more to the body than being seen, there is more to showing the goods, and getting male eyes. What man wants the world to see his prize? or even give another man the slightest glimpse of his delicacy, that is a different level of intimacy.

There is a new fad, and its called getting closer to God, becoming aware and knowledgeable of self. There is a new beauty and its what’s on the inside, the heart and soul. The real beauty never fades even with the appearance of wrinkles and grays, true beauty shines from within. Twerking has dehumanized and left women in a daze. Thinking that shaking is bound to keep a man or make him stay. Don’t be confused these men ain’t fools, only men who care for you will make you put the goods away.

“Twerk this and shake that” all on the radio. show this, steal her man abusing a women’s ego. When will we see, self-respect is the key. stay aware and keen, Twerking is dead, if you know what I mean.


It is almost as vital as the air we breathe to give respect and kindness to others. The times we are living in now are getting tougher. People are becoming desensitized and only encapsulated in social media, trends, partying etc. So many individuals are dealing with depression, anxiety and other extreme mental illnesses. Suicide is getting to a new extreme, people are really going through it. you really never know what someone is going through inside, that is why it is necessary to be kind to others. Treat people the way you want to be treated. It is very simple yet so hard for people to do.

It is becoming the new norm; people are just giving up left to right. Almost every time I scroll through feed, read the blogs news etc., someone has taken their life, Senseless killings, inhumane treatment, injustice etc. This world is really coming to a point where it feels as if the end is near. People are losing their ever-loving mind. All it takes is a smile, acknowledgement or a kind word. It literally cost nothing to be kind, but yet it is the hardest for us to do.

When you do good to others, good comes back to you and vice versa. How you treat people says a lot about you. We are living in a time where kindness can change the world. It can bring some sort of humanity back. Love on yourself and especially be kind to others. Every soul is facing something, no one goes without a trial or test. Kindness gets you through.

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we all face a mountain. Taller, vaster and greater than Mount Everest. The mountain is the battle in which at it’s peak is the victory. Just like Everest, not many make it over or to the top, It is the will and drive that keeps the body and soul moving forward. When victory arises and the quest complete, all else becomes bliss. Get over and to the top, the top is where the winners reside, where the strivers and persistent dwell. Climbing is the journey, the experience and blessing in disguise.

I will get over and to the top

I will shout across the mountains

“victory is here and it is mine”

I will not give up the strive.

I will fight as long as I am alive!

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Gather yourself

In the chaotic schemes. In real life events and not scenarios. Learn to look at brighter days. Wishful thinking turn it to faith. God will never leave you on the cloudy days, or leave you to your destructive ways. Keep an open eye, it’s just the beginning. Be blessed and stay afloat, gather yourself for the blessings and triumph.

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uber eats

Uber eats has to be by far the most addictive thing I have come across. I just love the feeling of my food being brought to me and not having to interact or tell people in the restaurant want I want. I don’t have to deal with attitudes, unwanted looks etc. Uber eats is like a Gold mind for introverts. But it has become crippling and I am doing away with it for a while. Setting the goal for rest of 2023 no more uber eats. I am starting to not want to cook for myself anymore. Having food at the touch of a screen has become a dangerous thing for me.

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What I love most about uber eats is the variety. There are hundreds of food locations to choose from on the app, that makes it even worse. The money I am wasting on Uber eats is enough in itself to leave it alone for a while. The fees, the mileage, tips etc. The price of food is like 2 times more what it would be if you went in the restaurant, That’s another big downside. another reason for me to go on a break from uber eats is me about to embark on a fast. I need to cleanse my system because uber eats is cleansing my pockets.

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I will pray for the day I can blog about how I left uber eats alone for the year. So far the only addiction I have is uber eats. I am going on a journey it will be for the best. I need to start making my own home cooked meals. 21st century is really that guy, technology, all these apps that are taking over our natural lives. I am defeating it all. Time to give it a break. I know I can do this. Anyone out there struggling with uber eats or door dash addiction I am with you and we will get through this.

I am not your muse

you cannot create what you choose, control my narrative or well being. I don’t need alterations, highlights or details. I am that unique individual and special kind of girl. what you see is what you get. Remember God is not finished yet! I am powerful but kind, sweet but a mastermind. Ahead of my time but I don’t carry pride. There is no room in my being for me to persuade or change your views of me. I am not your muse, can’t you see?

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We all need a break

Remember you are human. You are bound to fall, make mistakes, win and loose. undoubtedly you must keep it going. But you must remember You need a break! we all do. Mental breakdowns are real and they are typically dueto not giving your heart, mind and body a break. Things you need to give yourself a break from:

  1. Drama/ negativity
  2. social media
  3. people
  4. society

There are countless more, but i feel these are the top four things that constantly cause a lot of stress. Drama/negativity is something you must avoid. Gossip, idle talk, unknowingly criticizing , what you consume physically and mentally all have a play on the drama and negativity in your life. You have to want Positivity, peace and bliss to get it. You attract what you think and say. Give yourself a break! Read a good book, spend time in the library, Journal, meditate and ultimately PRAY!

Social media has to be one of the most draining things of the 21st century. It has cause countless problems for people in there public as well private lives. Give yourself a pure break from it! A lot of the things you see on social media are not real. A big problem a lot of individuals have is compare there life or success to other people they see on social media. Factually, you don’t know what these people had to go through behind the scenes to get ton the point they are today. They could be selling a dream making it seem far easier than what they had to go through. Or comparing your relationship or love life to what you see on social media. People are not going to show you the bad times, the fights, the tears and heartbreaks of the relationship. Everything seems like a fairytale. DO NOT compare your life to what you see online!!

There is no way with avoiding People all together. But, you can give yourself a well needed break and just give yourself time to self-reflect and think. I think everyone should do that atleast once a month. just give yourself a week away from the world and people and meditate and focus on the things you want in life. Surround yourself with people who help you grow and become better, not people who will lead you to destruction.

Can we really give ourselves a break from society? In a way yes! By going with the first three steps that is a way to get away from all the Hussle and bustle of society. Also I would suggest going to view places that have a lot of nature and not so much mainstream things, like the mountains or even the rural parts of the country.

In all, we ultimately need to give ourselves a break, this life is bound to keep going whether we like it or not. We can’t control time, the past or the future! But, you can ultimately focus on the now and work on healing yourself mentally and physically. The only way we can truly do that is by giving ourselves a break from the distractions and being more aware and in the present, and ultimately building a connection with the one that gave us life the creator!


up and away go my problems. I stay in the lords care. My mind has found its way to the clouds where I don’t have a care. I stay Up, I stay high, I stay blessed no surprise. My heart has the beat of truth and the tune of serenity I thank God for always being with me. No going back , I must stay Up cause I’m to blessed to go back now.

Stay Up, cause some have not been given the chance to wakeup. these are the small things, these are the truths, these are the words that cause a stir of evolution and joy. Stay up above the lies, the devil has used many as a disguise. Striving for the prize. Stay up and alive!

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my mind has been freed.

freethinking has saved me.

not a slave to society.

only God has control of me.

so, when you see me, know that you are looking at a product of freethinking.

Blessed to have this control.

Peace of mind is worth more than Gold.

Truth be told, it is all in the mind.

Freethinking is simply sublime.

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Title : “Everyday”

Every day has new meaning. not like yesterday or tomorrow. Everyday brings new highs and lows. Everyday brings us closer to eternity. Everyday we loose a little of ourselves. Just breathe. Live. be grateful for everyday. I have found myself not loosing in the fads or trends. Cause it will undoubtedly end. Everyday brings me to a new level of faith. I dare not compare my blessings or trials to the next. I am in the moment Everyday. savoring each and every second.

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Conquering fears

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Life is a journey. There are so many things in this life that can cause trauma, grief, anxiety, depression and other mental-health problems. There are things which can cause fear and not wanting to face and overcome things that bring us down. The only way to tackle and eliminate fear is to conquer them. I believe to truly conquer all fears one must Know God and know his power and that only through him can all things be solved.

Check out my self-published book entitled ” Conquering fears” It is a book of poetry compiled with words of hope, perseverance and persistence. The Goal being that each reader can have an experience of self revival and to continue there Journey with conquering all their fears.

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