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latest artwork

Three of my latest art pieces. I’ve been in my own world lately, I am thankful for my ability to paint and create. Being an artist is one of the best things anyone can be. Art brings about a mood of serenity art brightens up dark days, just looking at a beautiful image/piece of artContinue reading “latest artwork”

a jewel of life

The greatest thing in life is to appreciate and to be thankful for what you have. A part of being thankful and appreciative is staying in the moment and being focused on the present. “A jewel of life” to really enjoy and experience the treasures and blessings life has to offer you have to beContinue reading “a jewel of life”

let it go

let it go and let God breathe in and exhale stop the tears and the unessary stress don’t you know he has a plan? and will not leave you in distress keep the faith and consistency God wants the best for you. i


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