The Gifted empire LLC, is a business dedicated to Art , creativity and passion.

Our Mission

The gifted empire LLC mission is to bring distinctiveness to the scene. our business is dedicated to Art, creativity and passion. From a canvas painted and sealed with exquisite talent and love. Henna tattoos that shine on the skin, causing a necessary scene. From books of poetry written with from the soul and so much more. The Gifted Empire, truly lives up to it’s name. Truly a special entity.

About the owner

The Gifted empire LLC is founded by the owner who goes by ” The gifted artist.” The gifted artist is creative by nature and has a passion for art, beauty and apparel. The owner is a self-published author of two books : “conquering fears and She knows her worth,” (more details about books on the ‘books’ tab menu on this website). The gifted artist is a professional henna artist of over 10 years and has done countless events. The Gifted empire LLC is named such because the owner has many distinctive gifts all under one empire that she has created and continues to build.


The Gifted empire is Located in Atlanta Georgia.