The Gifted Empire LLC

The Gifted Empire LLC , is a creative entity that serves its purpose. This Business offers Professional Henna services, original and custom art work, face painting and more. The Gifted empire is more than just a business, it is creativity , talent and passion derived from the soul taken to the next level. The gifted empire truly lives up to it’s name; spreading love, happiness, hope, and faith one paint brush at a time.



Founder and Ceo

Peace and blessings to all my followers and visitors. I am grateful and thankful to the most high for giving me the ability to turn my talent and passion into an entity that I can share with the world. Follow your heart and dreams ; God will lead you the rest of the way. Keep focus and remember we all serve a purpose being on this earth. Find your purpose and passion and take it to the next level. Faith and work is what I live by.

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